Summer Art Exhibition

Saturday 23 June 2018 – Saturday 30 June 2018
Town Hall Ballroom, Market Place, Ashbourne DE6 1ES


Once again the ballroom of the Ashbourne Town Hall will host the Summer Art Exhibition. The exhibition is an opportunity for local artists, whether amateurs, professionals or students, to submit their work for display and for sale. As in previous years we have invited a number of professional artists from the Derbyshire area to show their work. This year there are painters Val Hudson and Liz Salter; sculptor Sue Allanson; photographers Daniel Shiel and Mary Wardle; the Parkwood Pottery and paper artist Maggie Cullen.

If you wish to enter your own work, download the details and the application form by clicking below. The submission date for entries is Saturday 9 June 2018 between 11.00am and 4.00pm at St John’s Community Hall, off King Street, Ashbourne DE6 1EA.

St John Street Gallery Ashbourne

St John’s Street Gallery has kindly sponsored a £200 prize for the best work in the open section, to be selected by artists Lewis Noble and Maggie Cullen and £50 for the favourite work selected by visitors.





Val Hudson: painter from Barlow Derbyshire

Summer Art Exhibition Ashbourne Festival 2018
A painter drawing on a wide spectrum of ideas and influences, Val’s paintings present a dreamlike quality of ephemeral spaces punctuated with half-seen evocations of memory, experience and sensory imaginings. The content of her paintings are the starting point of a conversation with the viewer where the language is not just visual but emotive and evocative with a subtle potency of shifting illusive signs and symbols.


Liz Salter: painter from South Yorkshire

Summer Art Exhibition Ashbourne Festival 2018

Liz is a painter who has a special interest in working from the landscape. She says: My inspiration comes from walking the land, especially the remote hilly areas of Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Scotland and Ireland. I enjoy exploring wild, undiscovered, rough places, where weather, time and the rhythms of the seasons mould and change the landscape I feel it is important to establish a relationship with these specific locations, to explore it by revisiting it in order to understand its many different aspects.


Daniel Shiel: photographer artist from Keighley, West Yorkshire

Summer Art Exhibition Ashbourne Festival 2018

A lifetime spent observing landscapes forms the context for Daniels’s photographic work, which considers the rich textures, patterns and colours evident in many everyday objects both natural and man made; details often unseen or overlooked at first glance. The themes at the centre of his work, often images combined into collage, are associations with the past: decay, destruction and loss.


Mary Wardle: printmaker and photographer from Wirksworth, Derbyshire

Summer Art Exhibition Ashbourne Festival 2018

With a background in philosophy, landscape architecture and professional gardening. Mary regards these skeins as having woven into the thread of her creative endeavours and made her an artist and experimental printmaker. She produces collograph prints related to closely-observed photographic images: both intensified details and wider impressions of land and sea shore, and man made features.


Parkwood Pottery: useable hand crafted pottery from Alfreton, Derbyshire

Summer Art Exhibition Ashbourne Festival 2018

Parkwood Pottery is a project for adults with learning disabilities. Their ethos and way of working celebrates and develops the skills of their potters, offering opportunities for the development of individual creativity, confidence, social skills and team working.

They say: We see our pots as being pieces of art which can be used and enjoyed every day.


Sue Allanson: sculptor in stone from Wirksworth, Derbyshire

Summer Arts Exhibition Ashbourne Festival 2018

Carving sculptures in stone, whilst living in Derbyshire, seems the perfect environment for Sue to work in, being surrounded by limestone gorges and fossils. She says: I am passionate about carving in stone and usually take my inspiration from the stone itself. That is why I often start by picking random pieces of stone in the quarry which may suggest a form to me … I am inspired by nature, mythology and Buddhist thought and I have a desire to express a deeper sense of consciousness through my sculptures.


Maggie Cullen: sculptor in paper and bookworks from Bolehill, Derbyshire

Summer Art Exhibition Ashbourne Festival 2018

Maggie’s work is focused around the human form, our stories, bizarre behaviours, a folly of living theatre. She works with paper, discarded books, found material and natural moorland detritus. Her work emanates from a shared sense of human fragility, our emotions and the topsy-turvy ceremonies of everyday life; the daily banal fused with a bewilderment of disparate haphazard religious beliefs and traditional village rituals with a splash of ancient legends. These accumulate into small vulnerable figures made from overtly fragile materials. Maggie is a deservedly popular artist who has exhibited with us before, and is one of the judges in our Open Section competition.