Saturday 17 June & Sunday 18 June 2017


Another action packed FREE FAMILY WEEKEND of world class street entertainment. Streetfest brings you it’s now distinctive blend of daring and silliness that this Festival within a Festival is well-known for.


Ashbourne Streetfest Invisible Men








From the UK, The Invisible Men are indeed the greatest act that you cannot see.


Streetfest Zap Circus








All the way from Australia, Zap Circus perform jaw-dropping, thrilling stunts, with a distinct cheekiness and vitality that is thoroughly entertaining.


Streetfest Angie Mack








From Angie Mack’s death defying stunt hooping to the dazzling glitz of circus hula-hoops, witness the jaw dropping giant 6ft hoop all the way to the multi hooping human tower of uncertainty! Angie comes to us all the way from Australia.


Streetfest Pete Anderson








From the UK and abandoned by his mother and father, Pete Anderson was raised by wild audiences and he brings unnecessary levels of enthusiasm and an unusual perspective.


Streetfest Donald Grant








One of the pioneers of contemporary diabolo performance, Scotland’s Donald Grant has thrilled audiences around the world, and in a kilt.


Streetfest Tianna the Traveller








Cracking whips, wise cracking and a spot of bondage, Canadian, Tianna the Traveller dares to face every challenge and seek adventure.



Streetfest Groovy Guy








Rope walking whilst juggling knives, a big unicycle and spectacular fire juggling; All the way from the States, Groovy Guy’s positive energy and humour have a magical effect upon his crowds.


Secret Circus








Secret Circus agents from the USA, Honeymoon and Butterfly, use their extremely high IQs, plunger arrows, a huge stealth unicycle and special tricks to save the day.Death defying circus, bizarre illusion, and off-the-cuff comedy;


Duke Dreamer








Expect a magical experience delivered by Canadian Duke Dreamer, a sophisticated performer and expect him to set his bum on fire.


The Wardens Ashbourne Festival








Streetfest is not Streetfest without The Wardens, nor is the traffic in Ashbourne!