Martyn Poliakoff

Sir Martyn Poliakoff – Chemistry for a Greener World   £12 & £6 U18
Thursday 29 June 2017 at 7.30pm (doors open 7.00pm)
Town Hall, Market Place, Ashbourne DE6 1ES



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Sir Martyn Poliakoff is a professor of chemistry at the University of Nottingham and is a global leader in the field of green chemistry. In addition to his academic and scientific achievements he is a great communicator about science. Professor Poliakoff is the narrator in most of a series of over 500 short videos called The Periodic Table of Videos, a popular science project originally intended to familiarise the public with all 118 elements of the periodic table. The project has since expanded to cover molecules; there are also several special videos about other chemical topics. He hit the news for calculating that the FIFA World Cup Trophy could not have been made from solid gold as it would be too heavy to lift!

If you are a student of science, a scientist or just inquisitive about the world around you, you will not want to miss the opportunity of hearing this brilliant man and great communicator talk about a subject he loves, in a way that you will understand.